One of Hollywood’s most well known and powerful producers, Harvey Weinstein, has recently come under fire for his abuse of power and consistent bad behavior towards women over the course his decades-long career.

Turns out that Gloria Allred’s daughter, a civil rights attorney and celebrity lawyer in her own right, has been “advising” Weinstein for the past year—according to an explosive report in The New York Times detailing nearly thirty years’ worth of sexual harassment allegations.

Bloom has represented several Fox News women with harassment claims is now representing Weinstein.

Keep in mind, says Jezebel‘s Megan Reynolds, that Bloom has represented a host of women who claimed  “they’d been sexually harassed or assaulted by men with power and money: Blac ChynaKathy GriffinJanice Dickinson; an unnamed Trump rape accuser; a few of the many women suing Fox News for sexual harassment,” to name just some of her more recent cases.

What’s particularly galling, Reynolds insists, is that Bloom seems to be throwing her “hat in the ring with Harvey Weinstein and trotting out the old ‘boys will be boys’ [platitude].”

So, why would Bloom, take on Weinstein as a client and a friend?

Money and fame. And probably lots of it.

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