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Credit: CNN, YouTube

When Hurricane Harvey innundated the Southeast region of Texas, Mexico immediately offered aid and their condolences to the victims of the hurricane. President Trump did not respond to their offer, and when Mexico was subsequently hit with the worst earthquake in its history (killing 96) followed by Hurricane Katia, Trump said nothing. He offered nothing to our neighbors, not even kind words.

According to ThinkProgress:

While Trump has yet to weigh in, others have responded to Mexico’s initial offer; Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott (R) both thanked the country, although it took Tillerson over a week to formally respond. A spokesperson for Abbott also acknowledged the rescission, thanking Mexico for its efforts and support.

Mexico has now rescinded their offer of help given their own needs after two major natural disasters happening within a single week. President Enrique Peña Nieto showed Trump how to be a real world leader but the President of the United States is a small man. His thin-skinned, narcissistic approach to everything allows no room for real compassion or real leadership. - Jan Harrison

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