Dear Donald,

I have no confidence that you will heed my warning but warn you I must.  Your threat to sue the women who have accused you of sexual assault will be met by a tsunami of women with checkbooks in hand.

See the thing is, we believe them. Oh and we believed you when you were caught on tape describing how you do it.

How you kissed them without permission and how you grabbed their “pussies’ because as a celebrity you can do anything you want to women.

Not anymore.

Too many of us have been triggered by these accusations and conversations surrounding your predatory behavior.  We have remembered incidents that we have longed to forget.

For those of us who are mothers of daughters, you have fed our fear of not being able to protect them from the likes of you.

We have watched as you have dismissed their accusations suggesting that you wouldn’t have touched them because they weren’t pretty enough. For some women who have never measured up to the standard definition of beauty or who have never seen the truth as they looked in the mirror, you have reminded them of their battles to overcome their self-induced shame. A shame born by a society that propagates the very rules that you have championed of how women should define their self-worth.

You should know that the pages of Facebook are filled with stories of what your candidacy has triggered in them.  It is sad and it is angering. It is also inspiring.

So I am pledging to be part of that effort or to lead that effort to bring women together and create a fund for the women that you sue. We will not let them deal with this alone.

We won’t have to ask for much from each individual because there are millions of women who have dealt with their versions of Donald Trump and have their own stories. Getting a dollar or two from them won’t be hard.

And you can’t imagine the pleasure that we will derive for putting you in your place, a place in the annals of men who women have brought to their knees.

-Jan Harrison

P. S  Kiss the Trump brand good-bye.



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  1. LOVE this!!! And yes, I agree that you will be able to get donations , big & small, to support any women who he has the NERVE to sue…

    (One thing. That last sentence seems to be missing a word. “putting YOU in your place”. It may just be the way I’m reading it, though.)

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